How Do I Know for Sure I Need a New Roof?

Getting a new roof could be highly expensive and is not something you can opt for regularly. But when the roof screams for help, you shouldn't ignore it. Having a damaged roof can lead to multiple serious issues around the house, thus demanding extensive repair.

So, it is only prudent to be sure whether to replace your roof with a new one or not. We will be discussing some of the signs that indicate the arrival of replacement season.

Keep reading to know them all and to get your roof replaced before any further damage. Although calling a professional roofing services provider for inspection is advisable, you too can observe what's wrong.

Paper Proof

Being a responsible homeowner, you have all the house-related documents saved and put away. So, if you suspect any roofing issue, it is better to check your roofing guarantees.

Usually, roofing contractors provide warranties extended to the expected lifespan of the roof. Such warranties cover all kinds of replacement, repair, and inspection costs. If the documents indicate the warranty period is long gone, it is probably time to get your roof replaced.


Even if you have the repair records with you, you can still estimate whether or not you need a new roof. For this, you must know the estimated life of the roof. If your roof is more than 20 years old, hiring a roofing services provider for inspection is prudent.

Take the Expert's Advice

As mentioned earlier, if you have your roof inspected by a professional and licensed roofing contractor like True Quality Roofing, they will give you the right advice. So if the inspection team advises you to replace your roof as there is no other way, you have to make a replacement decision.

Natural Light From The Attic

The attic is the first place to inspect for any roofing issues as it is a lot easier to detect cracks, holes, and leaks from underneath. If you notice any sunlight coming into the attic, it is probably due to a crack or a hole in the ceiling. If the cracks are evident and too big for a repair job, it is time to search for roofing contractors near me.

Deteriorating Shingles

Shingles are the protective layer and beauty of any roof, and any deterioration or abnormality in them leads to some serious ceiling issues. If you witness missing shingles or damaged ones after extreme weather conditions, do not ignore this warning sign and call for help.

  • Although replacing roof shingles is an option, replacing the whole roof is the only option if you have widespread damage.
  • Another obvious sign that the shingles are approaching their useful life is the accumulation of granules inside the gutter.
  • It is highly recommended to keep a close check on the roof to keep it healthy and protective for a longer period.

Sagging Roof

Sagging is one of the most alarming signs of roof replacement. A droopy or saggy roof suggests a problem in your deck or foundation. If the issue is with the foundation, then fix the issue before replacing the new roof.

Unwanted Growths:

Having an unintentional rooftop garden is an indication that there is moisture trapped in your roof. Having mold or moss flourishing on your rooftop points toward possible water damage and thus a resultant sign of decay and rotting underneath.

The presence of such plant growth on your roof damages the roof, thus damaging the ceilings creating cracks and holes. If you witness any such growth, call for an expert contractor to thoroughly inspect the entire area.

Shoddy Installation:

Sometimes the whole roofing issue starts from the very foundation when a non-professional roofer installed the roof improperly. Here are some of the signs that your roof has been installed poorly.


Flashing around the chimneys and the roof fixtures should be perfectly be fixed to avoid any leakage issues. If you suspect bad flashing, then go to your attic and inspect for possible hints.


Gutters are an essential feature in any house roofing system. If the gutters are not fixed properly or clogged due to debris, it can trap the moisture on the roof, causing rotting or leakage problems.

Drill holes

We drill holes in our roofs for so many reasons, but when the purpose is served, we leave the hole there, inviting any moisture in. drill holes need complete filling or fixture, or they might result in damaging the entire roof by seeping water in causing rotting.

Seam separation

If you are witnessing the seams are getting separated on your flare roof, then it is one of the indicators that you night start searching for new quality roofing contractors. If your seams are sealed with adhesives, they tend to have a limited life span compared to those sealed with hot air welding.

Pooling water, heat damage, or wearing off

Flat roofs are more prone to heating and UV damage. So if you witness any cracking or discoloration of your flat roof, then it might be time to opt for a new roof. Also, modified bitumen systems and built-up roofing are more prone to tearing and thus need a proper and timely inspection.

Another most critical flat roof issue is the pooling water. When the roofing underneath the upper membrane starts curling and wrapping up, it indicates water damage. Pooling water requires immediate action to avoid further damage.

If you are experiencing any or all the signs mentioned above, it’s time to call for help. Hire a professional roof construction specialist like True Quality Roofing for quality roofing services and enjoy a secure and safe home. We believe in serving our clients with the best quality roofing services without straining their pockets.

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