My Insurance Company Denied My Roofing Claim. Should I Try Again?

Is it possible to get denied by my insurance company for a roofing claim? Yes, they can do that and deny claims on a pretty regular basis. If you get caught in such an unfortunate situation, then finding the right settlement is only fair.

If the insurance company denied the claim wrongly, then you can take the matter to court, but the whole process might take forever to get settled. So, what should you do if you get this rejection from your insurance company?

Will trying again would be worth it or not? 

Opening of Dispute

Probably the most prudent first step would be to review your insurance policy carefully and read all the points related to insurance claims. The company always denies the claim with a solid explanation as to why they are rejecting the application. So if you know the reason, you can get an insight about it in detail in your policy documents.

Abstain From Signing Any Paperwork

Don’t sign any settlement documents until you get the right amount of settlement from the insurance company.


When you open a dispute against the insurance company, they will work with an arbitrator who acts as a neutral party to resolve the dispute.

Independent Claims Adjuster

You can also hire an independent claim adjuster to put your interest on the table on your behalf.

Filing Your Case

If you are not satisfied with the whole mediation process, you can seek assistance from the attorney or the Georgia Office of Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner.

The Takeaway

If you file an insurance claim for roofing, it is only prudent to file this claim immediately.

You can get denied for multiple reasons, but if you feel it to be unfair, you can always ask explanation from the homeowners insurance company. The method you choose to get back your claimed amount might be different depending on your situation.

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