My Roof Leaks. Do I Need to Have It Replaced Completely?

Leakage is one of the biggest nightmares for any homeowner as it comes with multiple issues, including damp, rotting, fungal growth, etc. Plus, if you are even a little late initiating any repair work, it would cost you a fortune. If it is a small or a minor leak, repair it on a priority basis to avoid high replacement costs that might break your bank.

But here's the catch: roof leakage is not always quite obvious, and it requires you to observe multiple other signs to conclude a leakage issue.

A leak or two does not require you to opt for a new roof or to search for roofing contractors near me. You can easily go for a repair project. But first, we have to be certain whether we are dealing with a real leaking issue or it’s just a false alarm.

Signs of Leakage

Here are some of the signs of leakage that can avoid the worst-case scenario regarding roofing damages due to leakage.

Damp spots

Look for the damp spots on the ceiling or the walls as it is one of the obvious most signs of leakage. If the water penetrates your deck through the broken shingles, it will lead to a serious water dripping and damping issue.

Mold growth in the attic

Keep a regular check on your attic, especially during the rainy season. Check if there is any mold or mildew growth due to penetrating moisture in the attic.

Damp deck

If the deck of the roof is damp, that indicates the accumulated water due to multiple reasons. Clear the deck, check for the possible culprits and opt for repairing if deemed prudent.

Rusty pipes

Leakage does not always attack the roof or the attic. In some cases, it might cause rust or condensation on the vents and the kitchen pipes.

Defective flashing

If you have a tile roof, you have to keep regular checks on the flashings and seams to keep the leakage at par.

Clogged gutters

To avoid leakage and dampening issues, you have to keep a close check on the debris accumulation. If the gutters and vents of the roof got clogged due to debris, it might lead to the accumulation of water on the roof, causing leaking issues.


If the leakage is triggered due to sagging, then the question of having a repair job gets out of the window. Sagging requires a new roof, and it’s time to search how much to replace a roof costs and roofing contractors near me.

What are my options?

 Once you notice the leaking roof, next comes the biggest decision about whether you need a repair or a complete roof replacement?

To make a calculated decision, it is prudent to first inspect the extent of the damage. If the damage is localized and confined to a few shingles, then a repair job might b sufficient. But if the damage covers the entire roof, then it’s time to call for a roofer for a new roof.

It is always advisable to ensure you get a professional opinion while making any such decisions. Professional roofing contractors like True Quality Roofing will visit the site and give you a free estimate regarding roof replacements. A roof replacement is your ultimate solution if you have got the following situations in hand.

·         If the damage is widespread

·         If your roofing is older than 15 years

·         If there are more than a few shingles are missing or damaged

·         Deep punctures due to fallen debris

When Is It Optimal To Replace Your Leaking Roof?

Still, need some more clarity regarding the reasons leading to complete roof replacement? Well, here are some detailed scenarios that will lead the owners to get their roofs replaced completely.

Extensive damage due to water

Especially after hailing or snowstorms, if there is the slightest crack among shingles, it could lead to water damage. If the roof is ripped off and the shingles or overlays that get done during the previous repairs are falling off, it’s time to go for roof replacement.

Natural calamities

Harsh weather conditions are the biggest enemy of roofing and if your neighborhood has recently experienced wild winds, hurricanes, or tornados, then definitely your roof must have sustained damage. Check the roof and go for a complete professional checkup to decide whether you need replacement or not. Mostly snow storms stress your roof and create tiny cracks on the surface. So, when the snow melts its lets the water seep into the roofing, causing leaking issues.

Manufacturing or installation defaults

If you have recently installed a new roof and are experiencing some leakage problems, it might be due to poor installation. Premature falling of the roof is mostly caused by manufacturing faults or inadequate installation. It is advisable to opt for a professional company like True Quality Roofing to have experienced experts assigned the task.


The type of shingles you have on your roof also impacts your roof's lifespan and thus leads to leakage issues. So instead of repairing or replacing the shingles, go for a new roof installation to save your time and money.

Calling for a professional decision is prudent when it comes to technicality and expertise. DIY roof fixes could not be sufficient and might ignore crucial flaws. When you hire a professional roof to inspect, they utilize their expertise, experience, and learning to make an educated estimate.

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