Roofing Installation: In Lawrenceville & Loganville, GA Area

When you need a new roof for your home, and are considering roofing installation in Georgia, you need experienced and ethical roof installers. Whether building a new home or remodeling an old one, be certain to only deal with top-rated GA roofing contractors.

Roofers Loganville. In our early days in business, True Quality was one of the roofing companies in Loganville GA that insurance companies hired after storm damage to homes nearby. After performing hundreds of local roofing jobs successfully, the insurers also sent our True roofing and contracting workers to also handle roofing jobs nearby, in Atlanta, GA.

In our early days, our company also diversified as True Quality home improvement, doing tasks like a kitchen remodel, or refurbishing a bathroom. Soon though, word of our expertise at roofing led us to simply focus on local roof replacement in the metro Atlanta, Georgia area.

Roofing installation in Georgia; Loganville-based company with decades of roof installation jobs and 5-star ratings. True Quality Roofing offers trusted roofing solutions

Atlanta contractor reviews. Dozens of large-scale roofing companies in Atlanta spend millions advertising on radio, TV and by way of mailout brochures. But these roof replacement contractors must "cover" that extra advertising cost in their estimates. They might be the right local roofers Atlanta, but not when the added cost of travel is added to their substantial additional adverting costs.

The Roofing Company Lawrenceville, GA for your Home. When it comes to Gwinnett County roofing companies, think how much money can be saved by calling upon 5-star rated roofers around me. True Quality Roofing, Loganville, GA provides trusted roofing solutions as your Lawrenceville roofing company.

Our experienced, certified teams of roofing specialists can be the top-quality roofing provider you are seeking. Our Georgia company is rated as an A plus, quality roofing company, putting us among the best roofers in Gwinnett County, GA.

Our 5 Top Questions From Potential Customers for Roof Replacement Lawrenceville

By limiting our travel time, our customers get unmatched 1-day service on almost every roofing job. Plus, when TQR's roofing professionals are done, our homeowner can rest assured that they have the high-quality roof that they wanted and expected.

True Quality Roofing is here to help. Our veteran roofing team offers roofing installation for a 50-mile radius around Loganville, GA. Below are our company's 5 most often asked questions.

1. How long does it take to fix a roof? With rare exceptions, all is done and completely cleaned up in one day. Our Loganville Roofing teams works non-stop, because (as true roofing and construction specialists) they know that having to come back disrupts the homeowner's peace and quiet.

2. If the roof flooring, felt and decking materials all must be replaced, will that require an extra day? Not usually. Our roofing contractors Loganville "stage" that phase to be transported and started early and prep any apron flashing chimney areas to assure that these locations are leak-proof and allow water to flow away. Brick chimney flashing poses more challenges than wood or siding chimneys.

3. How much does roof replacement cost? The mathematical formula considers the square footage (footprint) of your home and attached garage. Also, different insurance company policies cover more than others if this is where you are receiving money for the re-roofing. The pitch of your roof is a variable that must be factored in, too. Other estimations for skylights, solar panels, roofing vents, chimneys and choice of roofing materials must be calculated, too.

4. Which roofing shingles offer the longest lifetime warranty? TQR is a factory-certified installer for GAF Weather Stopper Lifetime Roof Systems. This means that True Quality Roofing can offer you a 50-year warranty on that company's new roof. The special part of the GAF warranty is that the materials are guaranteed to last for 50 years, without proration.

5. What type of roofing works best? That is not a one-answer question. Some homes have flat roofs. Others have steeply pitched, architectural designs with several gables that must be dealt with. Call us to obtain that answer, so that you can consider your options.

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Our decades of experience in the roofing industry and our Facebook customer ratings speak volumes for our attention to detail. Your home is likely your biggest investment.

TQR Google 5-star reviews from satisfied roofing contractor jobs our team has performed. Gwinnett County based local roofers offer 100% guaranteed work. Georgia roofing

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