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True Quality Roofing offers roofing services in Loganville, GA.

New Roofs

The roof of your home acts as a "fifth wall," which protects you and your family from the elements. Today's homeowner has many choices in roofing materials, everything from asphalt to metal to clay to cement. If you are thinking about replacing your roof, we can help you navigate these options and develop a plan that fits within your budget. Regardless of what type of roof you select, True Quality has the experience to install it properly, protect your family, increase the value of your home, and enhance its street appearance (curb appeal).

Roofing near me is our primary business. Our team has been providing quality roofing services to Gwinnett County families for years, and our overwhelmingly positive customer testimonials demonstrate the expertise and pride we take in the work we do. No job is too big or too small. 

Roof Leak Repairs

So it's raining outside. And, um, inside too! OK, even if the water isn't coming through the ceiling yet, if you see discoloration or a small bulge, especially at drywall seams, you probably have a roof leak. Now what?

The first step is to call True Quality Roofing and get a roof inspection near me. We'll not only look at the room where you think there might be a leak but do a thorough inspection of your attic and roof. The challenge is finding the leak(s) because water can move across the sheeting under your roof and actually come into your home in a completely different location.

The longer you postpone taking action, the larger the problem will become. Remember, it is more than just water damage that can occur with a roof leak. Toxic mold can form and require a much more expensive repair later. Don't delay, call True Quality right away when you suspect you might have a leak.

True Quality Roofing
True Quality Roofing

Gutters Installation

When gutters are doing their job of diverting water away from your home structure no o ne thinks about them. But when they clog up with nature's debris and holes form due to rusting, homeowners must do something or mold and mildew will invade. People think about their roof, siding, windows, even patios but usually not their gutters. Yet, a sound guttering system is critical to making sure that the rain and other elements that your roof protects your home from will be directed toward storm drains or other designated areas for disposal.

Our seamless steel siding, gutters, downspouts, collectors, and parapet cap flashings require no upkeep. You can even match colors with your siding, so the gutter system becomes almost invisible. And the same professional installation that True Quality roofing teams are known for will be your experience with our gutter crew.

Window Replacement

Whether you are replacing old and worn-out windows, seeking a completely new look for your home, or want to increase the insulation protection for your family, True Quality's array of window options will meet your needs.

We can offer several price ranges of replacement windows in vinyl or wood. Choose from double-hung, sliding, garden, casement, awning, bay and bow, or a variety of geometric shapes. Many of our windows are so well made that they come with a lifetime warranty on all parts, including accidental glass breakage.

If you're thinking about new windows, let True Quality offer you a selection of today's best manufacturers accompanied by our "Platinum Installation" service.

True Quality Roofing
House Painting near me in Lawrenceville GA

Insurance Claims

Have you recently experienced damage that may be covered by your insurance? Contact our team, and we will help you process all of the administrative paperwork so that you can make your home whole once again. Our team includes Haag Certified inspectors (the highest designation available) who know how to speak the insurance adjusters language. In addition, we use the exact same job estimate software they do, so when we submit a claim for you, there is no question about pricing.

Siding Installed

Much the way that your roof protects the top of your house, siding is used to protect the sides of your home from the elements. Our team understands that siding is an important part of any home's integrity. Plus, replacing worn siding on a home is one of the top ten remodeling projects in terms of overall payback upon resale.

Vinyl siding can provide an instant face lift and is easy to interface with masonry to create a completely different look for your home. True Quality uses top quality materials that are durable and stand up to the most severe weather. It will not rot, peel, flake, and never needs painting. A simple soap and water rinse is all you have to do to remove dirt and maintain the look of freshly painted wood. Plus, you will immediately increase the insulation benefit for your home.

True Quality can also install a variety of specialty sidings to create different architectural designs. Some applications might be fish scale patterns on gable returns, scallop patterns as an accent, or board and batten, all with unique soffits and fascias, trims, and accessories. Natural Redwood Plank siding, cedar siding, and polypropylene products make excellent accents, adding style, interest, insulation, and value to your home.

House Painting near me in Lawrenceville GA

House Painting Near Me

Your home's paint is an oft-overlooked defensive layer between your living quarters and the external environment. In addition to protection, your paint job also can help you achieve that specific looking that you've been aiming for with your home. True Quality Roofing carries a wide variety of paints for every type of situation.

Home Projects Financing - Home Fix Up Loans

True Quality also offers a variety of financing options to help you complete your home improvement projects. Roofing, siding, windows, a sun room -- whatever your project we have ways to help you get it done. Past credit challenges can be accommodated. Equity lines of credit, as well as fixed-length loan programs, are available.

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